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This is the best post I have found on the procedure.

f you are interested in coding your own car, you can do that with a $85 cable, a bit of time, and a computer. It's really much easier than one thinks.

#1: You need a cable that plugs into the OBD port. Many people have had success offering $85 including myself. This is the cable that works consistently, including 2011s. (update I heard lowest price is $90 now)

#2: Download the programs required for coding (NCS Expert, INPA, EIBAS) all files needed

#3: A simple DIY guide to get started

#4 (Optional): You will need newer daten files for NCS Expert to code 2011 CICs (iDrive). I was able to read a 2011 CIC with v39 daten files. This can be found in newsgroup and/or bittorrent sites. Or here's one from from rapidshare:

Update instruction from

In each “sp-daten-Exx” folder in the subfolder “daten” find a file “laden.bat” … execute this .bat file and your ncs will be updated automatically with the new data for the corresponding model.

Or u can do the following copy-paste procedure:

Target ---------------------------Source .(SP-Daten-Exx directory from ISTA-P)

\NCSEXPER\SGDAT\ -------- .ipo files
\NCSEXPER\DATEN\ -------- coding data (daten) for models
\EDIABAS\Ecu\ -------------- .prg files......
Please make sure you make a backup of your \EDIABAS\ecu folder. When you get error message from NCS Expert that you have a "Version" problem, you need to put your original prg file back to \EDIABAS\ecu folder.

Credits go to xxxjecxxx & NiVeDh and all other users who have contributed @

Here's a sample of the coding process: