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Originally Posted by CaptainInsano View Post
Hello my 1 series brethren.

Just want to get some facts in about dynos and such. (No I don't have 1/4 mile times, car is still getting wide body)

Shiv isn't the dyno queen anymore (at least he hasn't released the dynos showing he is).

First it was FBIS(654):

Then it was me(657):

And now it's Melissa(659):

Took me about 2 seconds to find those. Of course, they would read lower on the Aussie dynos. I'm running about 30whp less around town since I don't daily drive on race gas (CA 91oct )

Anyways, to sum up 9 pages of cockmacgyvering:
1) There are high horsepower dynos of customer singles, they are easy to find.
2) The 6AT are having shifting problems. They suck.
3) The 6MT misfires have been solved. Holding up well.
4) There are only two singles that have gone to run the 1/4 (that I know of). Both were 6MT. One was Shiv, who has short gearing and got a phenomenal launch and ran 10.8@131. The other is GeorgiaTech335Coupe, who ran a 12.0 at 124.89 and you can read about a few pages back.
5) The only 60-130 times are from Shiv, who's best times were 6.46s with -1.5% slope and 6.51s with 0.00% slope. Many people disregard anything Shiv does because hes a dirty little cheater and must be tampering with his VBOX.
6) There are no other single kits for sale yet, however the current progress is very promising.

Take it or leave it.
Thankyou very much - are these results reproducable? ie could you go on any random dyno right now with the right fuel and there would be zero issues?

I guess i could not find them as they are all shivposts, it's hard to filter what's what.

6) ah so you're all just beta test cars then effectively? that makes a lot more sense and there would probably be less internet rage if this was publicly announced.. as most of the hate is to do with 'still selling' the product.

Would love to eventually see 1/4 and 60-130 (actual driving results) from the above 3 cars

ED: and if you're running 30whp less around town - can't believe it's only that much lower! full E85 tune should be insane.. so 657-30.. on a dynojet/mustang would be around 590-600whp maybe in your around town tune? notbad.jpg.