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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
Thankyou very much - are these results reproducable? ie could you go on any random dyno right now with the right fuel and there would be zero issues?

I guess i could not find them as they are all shivposts, it's hard to filter what's what.

6) ah so you're all just beta test cars then effectively? that makes a lot more sense and there would probably be less internet rage if this was publicly announced.. as most of the hate is to do with 'still selling' the product.

Would love to eventually see 1/4 and 60-130 (actual driving results) from the above 3 cars

ED: and if you're running 30whp less around town - can't believe it's only that much lower! full E85 tune should be insane.. so 657-30.. on a dynojet/mustang would be around 590-600whp maybe in your around town tune? notbad.jpg.
Independent dyno:

2 seconds on google buddy.

I'm not running E85 right now, just street gas + meth. I guess 600whp isn't very good for an around town tune
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