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Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post

By the way Flinchy... for the second time.... I am NOT a mechanic!!
my mistake, people were saying you worked on cars

are you an engineer or something then?

ED: FWIW if you'd posted those dyno results in the first place, at least half the discussion would never have happened (don't worry, i understand it must be company policy to not be up front or something..)..

Again (third time?) NOT biased against vishnu... not a huge fan of shiv himself, or the companies marketing strategy and habit of not releasing the whole story.. but nothing really against their products.. the only reason i'm selling the procede is I want to start from scratch, and its not the latest and greatest.. not because i think it's a bad product - although proving difficult to sell, probably due to the lock.

aaand opinions aren't facts, but logs, and .. well facts, rather than opinions, are facts. some things simply are because they are.

the only thing i disagree with is your style of personal attacks.

I thought we already decided this was over? I mean, I know I already worked out you're a person that has to be right because it's what they think and that's definitely right.. but come on. leave it alone.. And after the way you acted, especially as a company related rep, you don't get to try and take the high road here.

ED2: and drawn did NOT 'expose my car experience', i have no idea who drawn is or how he could possibly know what i have ever driven, but he's WRONG.

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