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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
I think your car is one of the best looking AW I have seen in this forum, not overdone, very tasteful. If mine would be AW I would be doing exactly the same including the spoiler that I opt not to install to my VO. I hope you will stop after the wheel traitment though.

I love that look, really just a difference in tone but so much better, reminds me the E39 M5 wheels as well that I adored at the time. Since I am also after that look, but in a wrong country obviously, I am trying not to leave my wheels in the hands of some people who don't know what they are doing. May I ask how you plan to do this? Powdercoating? And how and where you will be totally sure about the quality and durability of this job? Is there a paint code or something you are going to ask for?

Your answers might just give me some ideas, thanks in advance.
Thanks mate,

I have no more cosmetic plans after the wheel treatment to be honest, I think that will finish it off nicely and I will be content (maybe the carbon wing mirror covers to match the rear spoiler lol), I still have my track day astra to mess about with when the urge kicks in but that has been more purposeful over cosmetic, I am though currently taking measurements on front clearance entering and exiting my garage, my astra does scrape (minor) on clubsports and on inspection the 1M has millimeters clearance only and I mean millimeters so that may end up throwing suspension upgrades right out the window if I want to keep my front bumper attached to the car...........

As for the wheels in hyper black, its a paint sequence of a chrome and black over a number of coats, my mate who owns and runs a panel beater/paint shop looks after all my cars and dabbles in classic rebuilds (ie Jags etc) so knowns his stuff, and with this type of finish he will use a wheels specialist he generally uses on a number of classic rebuilds etc, I will leave it in his capable hands.