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Originally Posted by ayao View Post
If you print out Metak's first post of the thread/sticky, you'll pretty much be set. The 1200 mile run-in service includes oil/filter/diff. 1Ms worldwide also get a manual transmission fluid change, but 1Ms in NA are excluded.

1. With the engine oil, you just have to make sure they use 5W-30 synthetic - 07 51 0 017 866. It's the standard N54 oil. They could screw it up by putting M3 10W-60 in it because it's an "M" car. I haven't heard of anywhere putting on the wrong filter.

2. With the differential oil, the correct part number is 83 22 2 282 583. This part number refers to the SAF-XJ with friction modifier. Historically, the M cars only got (+)FM fluid if there were complaints about diff noise, but Service Bulletin 330211 makes it pretty clear that 1Ms get the (+)FM fluid. According to Dackelone's sources, the car came filled with non-FM fluid, for whatever reason. It's important to keep in mind that once the diff gets (+)FM fluid, you should not go back to non-FM fluid.

3. Manual transmission fluid for 1Ms in North America doesn't get changed until the 3rd oil change. This in contrast to 1Ms in every other country in the world. The fluid is backordered nationwide. The correct fluid is MTF-LT-5. The correct part number is 83 22 2 239 655 which is the 20L size. The MTF-LT-5 (not LT-2, not LT-4) is referenced in a BMW Canada service bulletin # 000110, which should fall under the BMW NA umbrella. See post #21 at Interestingly, this specification was omitted from the equivalent USA bulletin according to other forum members which has led to some problems convincing some dealerships that MTF-LT-5 is the correct fluid.

Anecdotally, I paid to have the tranny fluid changed and noticed a substantial improvement in shift feel and smoothness. Over the 1st 1200 miles, shifts became gradually rougher which I ascribed to the cold weather. After the tranny fluid change, shifts are butter again.

Finally, because there is a MTF-LT-5 fluid shortage, resourceful people have noticed that the fluid is identical to Pentosin FFL-3 which is available at Porsche dealerships -- it's a Porsche DCT fluid. FWIW my BMW dealership (and most others, I'd guess) won't put non-BMW fluid in the car as a matter of policy.

Hope this helps.
^^+1. That basically sums it all up.