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Maintenance after crash

A little under a week ago I ditched my 135. Ended up swinging tail end first into the ditch which resulted in a smashed up quarter panel, dinged up door, and mirror busted off for cosmetic damage. Driver side btw.

When that happened it tipped on the side and came back down.

So what should I all check for? I know right now my serpentine belt got messed up and the replacement kit from fcp euro should be here tomorrow. the rear trailing arm is bent and the ecs performance ones should be here tomorrow as well. Iím hoping the trailing arm absorbed all the force.

But yeah let me know what I should be checking because I just got it a month and a half ago.

Edit: I should add that i was able to drive it home because it was only about a mile away from my house. the red battery light was on the whole time and the back left tire was rubbing a bit.

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