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Yellow “Brake” light after Coding with Protools

Hey everyone,

Last night, I downloaded Protools to finally code out my TPMS and Airbag lights (track wheels don’t have tpms and have sparco seats installed). I was able to successfully code those two lights out.

Then I figured I’d go for a test drive after this and to my surprise the handbrake “brake” light is now yellow and stays on. Protools diagnostics is telling me rear brake sensor in the code reader but... pads are thick still and last time I drove the car (4days ago) there was no yellow “brake” light on the dash. This is the only light on the dash... first picture is the dash light (flash made the brake light look red but it’s actually yellow) and second pic is the outside pad I can see without lifting the car. You can see plenty of pad material

Did something go wrong with the coding or could sensors go bad from these 100+ degree days we been having lately? I plan on pulling the wheel off and inspecting the sensor after work. I’m probably going to jump it but I wanted to rule out coding issues or ask what else it could be.

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