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Originally Posted by Jezzer View Post
I want em back they look too good. The rear spoiler looks really good from the back, wouldn't mind a closer look at that.
lol they finish it off nicely, same the spoiler, just gives it that little more butt
; )

Originally Posted by ChrisBuer View Post
Firstly - Aussie WOW!! After seeing your photos I think I need to get myself one of those rear spoilers. It looks superb and really finishes the back of the car off!

Secondly - where and how much do they charge to spray your wheels in that wonderful colour (don't worry I'm not trying to copy you, but those wheels look stunning).
I will let you know the price and more details when I speak more to mate who will be sorting for me......

As for the side indicators, I ordered a set many months ago from IND tracked them and they vanished, the courier company they used (Useless Parcel Service) 'supposedly' just dropped them at the front door in full view, no card left, not signed for and no package was ever found, no one from that end would take full responsibility (the investigation went on for well to long or forgot about more like it), I was offered a discount on another set but am out of pocket for the original order...... Not sure if you would call that great customer service but ah well lol

Best to remove your oem jobbies (very easy to remove and refit) and have them painted to match, would be much cheaper & easier option than being hammered with tax in the US and an input duty this end.

Originally Posted by scaramanga View Post
Chris - I think Jez had ordered them from IND (Nate) in the US.

I'm interested in some too - if the postage is a big amount then maybe we order together (I work in the east side of London, so not too far from you maybe?)

Aussie - those wheels do look great. Been debating whether to do mine in some sort of anthracite too - just unsure what finish would like best on my BSM.

Although I may need to save the pennies as I'm getting more and more tempted by the akra...
I have seen the hyper black against black and it looks spot in in my opinion....

Akro would be nice but I can not justify 5k for a full exhaust system for a general use car, can still get the same sort of benefits (performance and sound) on a system half the price......