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Originally Posted by Mountain135 View Post
Very interesting thread. I have 14k miles on my B12 kit and the low front clearance is an issue. Additionally, the ride seems to have gotten really firm. So much so that I'm considering something else maybe even going back to OEM. Do you guys have thoughts on this?


Thanks. You've just made my decision for me.

I've been tossing up getting B8's with my stock m-sport springs, or go the B12's. If you read back on this thread, you'll see vtl (the original poster) ended up getting sick of the low clearance and went with full coilovers.

My E88 on m-sport springs scrapes the front as it is; so I'm worried about going any lower... If you go to the e90 forums, you'll find people saying exactly the same thing as you - the prokit springs are too low and too harsh... I was kinda writing it off as soft 3-series owners who wish they'd got an M5

Anyway, I don't have first hand experience, but I can say you're not alone; and I'll be joining the "man, that car would look sweet if it were an inch lower, in some ways I wish I'd got those cut springs" club instead (I'm sticking with the stock m-sport springs).