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Hey guys,

Great to see so many M-enthusiasts on here from Oz!

So I dont post on here often, but im a massive young M-fan...

Conveniently, ive been offered a spot allocation for the 1m...after being told there were none left, and consequently just buying a 2012 135i dct - I was thoroughly impressed with how well the n55 and dct marry... particularly with the bmw performance tune ... thinknig n55 sounds so much nicer than the old n54 ...

My previous cars were an e92 and a tuned 135i (N54) prior to that...

Im tossing up whether I should still opt for the 1m....Everyone tells me the 1m is all about the chassis and composure...coming from the m3, I can relate to what they mean, as the m3 had a more compliant ride than pretty much any car I drove prior, and it would remain composed on rubbish b-roads, while this new 135i would be DSC-ing like crazy

Do you guys think id be stupid to sell my new 135i...its literally got 500km on the clock haha!.... maybe I should just wait for the next 3/4 coupe or m3? I take clients in my car and often wonder whether a manual gives too much of a boy racer the 1M really worth it, as this dct is pretty damn practical ?

Thanks guys!