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Same experience just today. Definitely looks like not blocked to 250, well not mine (Euro spec) and at least not to 250 kph! This is unless my car is reading like 20 % wrong (more) on the speedo. I did 270 kph twice on a very long, flat and very empty highway, autobahn couldn't be better, road conditions were like super ideal and while the car was still going my passenger (wife) made me step back. The car really hits around 180 in 3rd (tested dozens of times), over 240 in 4th (I prefer to pass to 5th before 7000 rpm, that last time was maybe 6700 rpm with 240km/h reading) and just looks like going to hit 280 or a bit more easily on the right road. Today, we were 2 people in the car, full tank and some week-end luggage as well, so it was not even weight optimum. Tire pressures were 36psi front 34rear front when cold.

Also have a few videos my wife made, but not zooming on the gauges, just swallowing the horizon type of video.

Before anyone who has doubts ask it, the car is totally stock other than Michelin PSS tires on stock dimensions and has less than 2500 kms. First oil change done at 1600km. Since the PSS is just stickier and also comfier than PS2 my car can be considered as stock as it gets in terms of engine perf. especially Vmax test. I agree with Dackel, it really looks like close to 265 to 270 km/hour (real) vmax of the 1M. Impressive for me especially since we have the aerodynamical coefficient of a truck (0.37cX if I remember right).