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Originally Posted by flinchy
I'll put up some pics of mine tomorrow to see how close it is for your wants, looking at the pics above that's a tad poke with stretched tyres aand a bit of camber?

235's onthe front 8.5" +45 with a 5mm spacer (+45 effectively) to clear the strut leaves zero clearance either side with coilovers, and JUST doesn't rub or poke.. You could do that 2mm more offset with either 225 or a teensy bit of camber safely

9.5 +45 with 245 rear (with a 40 profile, so a bit taller than stock) jjjuuuussst don't rub with the dampers wound up, a 255/35 would fit with a roll at worst... Main issue being the stock crappy guard liners with a nice drop, more than the guard itself on 245/40
I highly doubt your theory on the front Fitment. Your google search must have fuked you on this one.
I am currently running a 235 front +45 Fitment and its tight as.Then you suggest adding a 5mm spacer..... The guards in the front are hard to roll so you would have to pump/pull the guards for them to be scrub free. The brand of tyre also effects Fitment as well, a PSS for example is squarer so a 225 PSs would be equivalent to a 235 in a Kumho ku39 (more rounded side wall). The OP's ride height will certainly also need to be considered, my car is very low but from the pics he supplied I'm sure he's after a similar stance.