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Job Opening @ APEX - Enthusiast Content Creator (Full-time or Contract)

Do you friggin’ love cars? Do you spend an unhealthy amount of your time on auto enthusiast forums and websites? Do you enjoy writing and do it for a living or write passionately about your hobby? Does your passion for writing and love for all things automotive have you dreaming of the day when you can combine the two? Well, today’s your lucky day.

Right now, the APEX Race Parts marketing department is at the crossroads of “let’s make awesome sh*t” and “ain’t nobody got time for that”. We’re searching nationally for skilled and creative Enthusiast Content Creators to augment our small, but effective team.

You’ll refine our educational guides, bolster our product pages, and create content that attracts enthusiasts to our site. You need to be a bit of a technical editor – you’ve gotta know and love cars. Got knowledge of the rapidly-changing strategies on content dissemination? Yep, you need that too. Formal journalism experience is great, but so is an applicant whose written project build threads, DIY guides, and detailed product reviews.

Enthusiasts smell bulls**t marketing from a mile away and APEX has always been known for our trusted guidance and education before selling any products. As we’ve grown, we’ve lost the bandwidth to churn out meaningful content and deliver in depth write-ups that the performance automotive community appreciates and enjoys. Your mission is to get us back to our roots. You’ll be our investigative journalist who’ll pick the brains of our product experts, chase down our engineers for raw data, and shake down anyone else necessary in order to publish thought-provoking articles. Your technical and fitment guides will be eye openers. Your tutorials will set new benchmarks. Your opinion pieces will make you a known personality in the community. You will be a true enthusiast.

Our Enthusiast Content Creators are:
  • Absolutely fellow automotive/motorsport/powersport enthusiasts
  • Broad familiarity and understanding of performance parts and proper vehicle setup from suspension/brakes to alignment. We’ll give you a Ph.D. in wheel/tire setup, but you should already have an A.A. degree in modifying cars
  • Passionate about writing outside of work; they’re known to create blog posts, DIY threads, articles, publications, with examples to prove it
  • Articulate with extremely clear written and verbal communication skills. Grammar Nazis welcome
  • Able to break down and explain complex ideas in simple ways
  • Good story tellers that can keep the reader’s attention
  • Someone who adds their own voice and style to their writing – avoids dull, fact listing write-ups
  • Well-read and continues to keep their nose in a book or two at a time
  • Organized enough to easily get along with the other neat freaks on the team
  • An active user of popular social media platforms
  • Lifelong learners that are stoked to learn new ideas, explore new ways of communicating, and digging their teeth into mastering new skills
  • Proficient at balancing form & function in their writing when facing deadlines
Our Enthusiast Content Creators will:
  • Work with our graphics and photography team to create rich educational content by brainstorming, outlining, mocking-up, writing, and collaborating their way through every project
  • Decrease the need for customers to contact our sales team by improving our online content and product information, transforming our website into a potent, 24/7 sales tool.
  • Revamp the messaging and descriptions on our boring product pages. Bring this page up to par with this page
  • Overcome pre-purchase anxieties by creating helpful guides that empower customers to purchase with confidence such as “What tires are right for me?”
  • Eliminate repeat customer questions and concerns by building out our FAQ
  • Take dry, internal technical notes from the sales team and turn them into digestible fitment guides by adding structure, an enthusiast-friendly language, and defining photos or graphics to support the text
  • Research and develop article concepts with the Sales and Marketing team
  • Use editorial sensibility and data in tandem to iterate and refine content in real time
  • Grow our forum presence by generating and posting fresh content the community would appreciate, such as tutorials, reviews, recommendations, and more
  • Collaborate with the Marketing team to generate written content for email campaigns
  • Work with our in-house and contract photographers to clearly define the photos needed from a shoot to complement the written content it will be paired with
  • Ensure all our new product launches and Group Buys are successful by determining what content the community wants and then making sure we have it
  • Help post captivating content on social media that builds an authentic brand
Our Enthusiast Content Creators have:
  • 2+ years of related work experience in journalism and/or digital content industry
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications or related field
  • Working knowledge of SEO/SEM
Our Enthusiast Content Creators get a cookie if they:
  • Know HTML code
  • Have photography experience
  • Attended track days or autocross events in the past
Perks and benefits:
  • Competitive compensation & generous benefits package
  • Work in your underwear – Telecommuting supported (You don’t have to be local but you will need to travel to shops and tracks in your area)
  • Support your track addiction with reimbursements for HPDE and autocross event registration fees
  • Eligibility for the SEMA college grant and loan forgiveness program
  • Get access to our mechanic’s lift, tools, tire machine, and more
  • Take your photography hobby to a new level by playing around in our crazy big cyclorama studio
  • Get employee discounts and freebies
  • Fun team-building events such as karting
How to apply:

Please email your resume along with a cover letter and writing samples to In your cover letter, tell us what motivated you to originally write the samples/examples you’re sending us.

Who are we?

APEX Race Parts is a close-knit team with a burning passion for anything that can set a lap time on a race track. We’ve been in business since 2007 and our core competency is designing and distributing lightweight performance wheels. We wake up every day with a mission to eliminate compromise from our enthusiast customers’ pursuit of maximizing vehicle performance. We begin by educating our customers on the fundamentals, and then we guide them to products that solve their true needs. The growth of our team and the maturing of our company has opened a new chapter where we expand beyond the BMW market, and grow into every active enthusiast community that attends track days.
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