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Originally Posted by Fed P View Post
Well everyone says the DCT starts slipping around 400, but I've yet to see one thread with concrete info regarding how much the older 6-speed plain auto can take.
The DCT can take less than the old steptronic. I think Terry of BMS confirmed this. Terry has been running his car with a lot of power, for a very long time, and has been using it as a test mule for BMS products. If it can handle it for these past 4-5 years, I am sure that steptronic owners are fine.

There's some info about it here:

Originally Posted by Alcor View Post
hello guys how are you ? one more question, in the oficial service of bmw the tell me that the oil of the steptronic gearbox does not need to be changed, or i must change the oil ? what experience do you have with this? the steptronic box no need maintenance? thanks
Ever since BMW started doing the no-cost maintenance, they claim that it is a "lifetime fill" meaning it never needs to be changed.

However, according to ZF (the manufacturer of the transmission), the tranny fluid has a life of about 100,000 km. I would change it every 75-100K km just to be sure. It really can't hurt.

Here is a DIY guide:

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