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[QUOTE=Mr.Metak2you;10934310]The problem is I don't even know what to have flushed at this point.

-The service manager claims they never used the MTF-LT-2 on my car even though it appears on the invoice. They are firm in the fact that it was just a billing error(billed but not performed).

-They also told me the rear diff fluid wasn't even changed, even though it was in stock. It was just 'overlooked'. If I hadn't called I would have been driving without the 1200 service on the rear diff and possibly the wrong fluid in the transmission. What a total disaster.

Metak - simply advise them that - according to their own invoice - they placed the incorrect fluids. They have NO backing for saying it was just an invoice mistake. I would advise that - according to all documentation including theirs, that they placed the wrong fluids. Say that this has accidentally happened to others (including me), but that other's dealerships have stepped up to the plate and done the CORRECT thing - replace the fluid with the correct fluid, then changed it again in 4 - 6 weeks with the correct fluids to make sure that the wrong fluids were completely flushed (this is what my dealership did). State also if they are unwilling to do this, then you will be contacting BMW NA and the area BMW servce representative. Also say that you will be giving them a "0" on any and all future surveys you fill out from BMW regarding their dealership. Also, ask to speak with the general manager regarding this and tell him of how other dealerships have handled this correctly.

Good Luck!