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Originally Posted by MDORPHN View Post
PSS is a terrific all-around tire, but does not have quite the same grip in the dry as the RS3 or, reportedly, as the Z2.

I'd go either PSS or Z2.

Any comments on running a 275/35 tire on the 9.5et22 wheels?

Thanks Neil

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You can send Gill a PM thru 1Addicts.
Thanks Dack, I sent him a PM.

Originally Posted by bdaddylo View Post
275 is probably the widest you should mount to a 9.5" wheel. I'm running 275 Conti's on them with no issues, however I may be giving up a little performance. Having the tire stretched on the wheel has been known to provide better traction and tire response.

Maxing out your front stock camber isn't going to get you much especially if you're driving tracks with demanding corners such as carousels. Going with a unidirectional tire such as the RS3 and Z2 would make the most sense because you can swap the tires from side to side.
Yeah, I am thinking the camber plates might be necessary too.

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If you're going to be doing 5-7 DE weekends a year you really need to get some camber plates. They will pay for themselves pretty quickly in reduced front tire wear. The more you go to the track and the faster you become the quicker you will wear out the front tires on stock setup. Its not unheard of to chunk a brand new set of front tires on a stock setup. If money is a constraint then get the camber plates and then whatever tires you can afford.

Also I wouldn't worry too much about wet weather performance. If it rains leave the traction control on and drive cautiously. It rains down here so seldomly it's really not that big a deal.
That is what I thought. I can afford the camber plates and the "better" tires, but if I went with the federals the blow to my wallet would be softened. Anything I should know about running camber plates on the street?

Going to call my BJ with Clownshoe motorsports and see about pricing/availability from his supplier.