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There are a few things most notably that I actually miss about the grand old E90. I miss the soft caress of the leather clad sports seats, the whiff of the rustic aroma that greeted my nose as I eased myself into the saddle. I miss the bass thumping 13 speakers of digitally tuned audio madness that could be summoned during long interstate transfers, the ability to peak around corners in the dark with dynamically adjustable head lights. I miss the LED glow of pathway lighting when she was unlocked. All of these creature comforts are currently roaming around the Virginia Beach area under the care of a smartly dressed man with a slight British accent. At his last check in the old gal has surpassed 112,000 miles with only a VANOS replacement and one wheel bearing, required. How many people sell a used car and then get friendly updates from the purchaser?

My nostalgia for the good old days is offset by one feature of the bargain basement BMW. Well, two actually I kind of like the new CIC based navigation system. The current ride is equipped with a manual transmission. This fact combined with how much I did not pay for the car keeps me in it.
But, there comes a point when you start to add up all of the little things you want done and suddenly the idea of a brand new car seems logical. Especially since there are no 128s equipped with all of the features I want unless. I’m willing to ditch the clutch in favor of the automatic. This is NOT negotiable! So, in situations like this a case is made for a forty one thousand dollar 135is. Never mind the fact that I could have purchased two, count em, that’s two bargain basement BMWs for the cost of this screaming 135is.
This logic turned into a discussion with my wife who stands by me patiently, as I scour the internet for sport springs, leather seats, xenon head lamps, audio equipment, wheels, tires, and all other manner of other such “deals” as can be acquired from other motor heads doing exactly the same thing I am doing. And if you’re reading this you can identify with what I am writing about.

And now you’re asking yourself has he done it? Has smellthebeans leapt to the dark side of Vishnu tunes, oversized intercoolers, cracking caliper pistons (sad), fuel pump blow outs, and pin your ass to the seat acceleration rushing in at only 2900 RPM like a pack of football hooligans into a pub after a Chelsea match. Well, ……. The answer is …….. no. I will remain the loan au'natual renegade of this fourm. I am leaving work at this time and picking up my “mud flaps” from Neiderlaussung and stopping by Gladen Audio to replace the crappy rear speakers. The H&Rs remain nestled in the garage awaiting arrival of the Bilsteins and Mr. Hotchkiss. And the as winter snows melt away giving room for my tulips to pop out of the ground the Run on Flat all season tires will be usurped by four square Michelin Pilot Sports astride BBS CHs.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving especially my brothers down range.

God Bless