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Originally Posted by Theoneman View Post
Happy Thanksgiving guys!

and as long as you don't go to Ford I think any decision you make will be fine.
The new Mustang sounds like it will be very very nice, and appeal to the Euro car guys more than a Mustang ever has.

Over the course of this deployment I have contemplated so much as to what I will do with my 135i when I get back. I have gone from being dead set on wanting an M3 to deciding to just do small mods to my 1er back to wanting an M3 really bad then to doing a lot of mods....

At this point I think ive finally settled on doing a some mild modding (procede, DP, wheels and tires and a couple other things) and then waiting to see what the 2014-2015 car market looks like. DEC 2015 is when my warranty is up if I dont hit the mileage before then, so I think 2014-2015 will be when I really start getting serious about a next car.