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Forgive the time it took to get this up, its been a long day and the hotel I had booked my self before I left....had their internet fail. We're all good now.

Today was an awesome day, even with no sleep! I made it to the BMW Welt about 8am, an hour ahead of my planned 9am delivery. The BMW staff greeting me at the front door, checked my luggage and delivered me to the Lounge Area to check in. Bianca led me through the documentation process and as she did dropped that my 1M was the very first production 1M they had ever delivered. I wondered if it was true, but she confirmed it without me solicting. The paperwork process was simple, clear and very well thought out. (and required remarkably few trees to die!)

When I was done getting checked in headed over to the cafe for a quick breakfast...and as I did, caught this through the glass looking down from the 3rd to the 2nd level of the Welt: Its Alive!

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I must have been slobbering or something, becuase within a few moments there was about ten people looking out the window trying to see what I was looking at. As calmly as I could I walked over and had a quick snack to wait the 20 more minutes until my delivery. Soon, Sven greeted me and took me down to the see the car.

As we decended the stair case to the delivery level, Sven, wipped out his PDA and clicked a few buttons which started the car spinning on its turntable, what a way to great your new car! Here is one of the many shots I took from the stairs:

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The Black M3 Competition Coupe behind the 1M was a great comparison. This was the first time I'd seen a BSM 1M, and had ordered it "fingers crossed" that I'd like it. I saw the orange at Detroit and Toronto, and liked it, but didn't know if I could love it year in and year out. After seeing these two cars together I was very happy with the colour...and the car too! The athletic look of the 1M is stunning. Here is another shot just outside the Welt as I adjusted luggage and matts etc to go and pick my friends from the airport:

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Off to the airport to grab buddies I go. The little car is TIGHT. The steering (keep in mind, this is my first BMW, but I've driven many) is unbelievable. This is not a car you let your head nod on while driving I75 top to'll be in the ditch. The steering is positive, direct and communicates everything. You can feel those big tires grabbing the pavement at slow speeds and its kart like when you're rolling. Traffic was light, and the weather not bad so a quick squirt up to the Munich airport was done in moments, thrust above 125 Mph is just wonderful. You can drive 6th gear down below 50 Mph and all the way up without shifting, not the fastest way to do it...but you can comfortably.
I learned a few things I'll post later, but the car is quick. It had 4km on it when I left...gotta be nice for a while!

Here's the car at the airport:

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Two friends and I headed back to BMW Welt for a "House Tour" and look thorugh the Museum. Parked outseide the Welt again, and a quick shot from the Museum back towards the Welt across the street:

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To be continued....

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