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Originally Posted by jamier27 View Post
I now have the BMWP discs just needing to shop about for some pads.

What map did you use to get circa 400bhp on the jb4? I am pressuming 2 or 5?
Did you use she'll v power on map 5??

I have a warranty to abide by at the moment..


On the older JB3 I was running map 5 or 7 (yes 7) without issue. Car was insane.

I only ever use Tesco Momentum99. BTW this was also recommended by MRC, who mapped my current TTRS.

WRT the JB3/4, just take it out for the services ( I had the 135i from new and was using JB3 from 3 months in). I only ever had to do this 2-3 times over 3 yrs, so not a major chore and you do get good at it. I got the removal /re-install down to 20 minutes.

Enjoy the car, just take it easy on our salt ridden greasy roads.