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Originally Posted by jamier27 View Post
Still have warranty to abide by so no tuning yet ..

Brakes are good tho It seems I need braided hoses as they started to loose bite after downhill sections so either hoses or maybe OEM brembo pads are not up to it?!

Just noticed you have a ttrs? I love those and am truly amazed at the performance figures from that engine specially after exhaust and map (similar gains to 135i) but with the s - tropic and 4wd its ridiculously quick !
Hi jamier27,

I think braided hoses and uprated pads would def do the trick.

WRT the RS, yep this car is pretty amazing, especially as the engine is only 2.5 L. I have manual, but a few over on the Audi forums have S-tronnic with S1/2 re-map and get 0-100 mph ~7.5 secs (with launch control, of course). The manual is no slouch though.

I do miss my 135i, even without JB3, it still boosts more cleanly from ~500 rpm lower in the rev range that the RS. Having said that, you can use all of the power of the RS more of the time as it's Quattro (Haldex, anyway). My S1 re-map on it's own gave 413 PS/604 Nm TQ (see below if interested).

Going back to your car, I really wouldn't worry about getting the JB4 installed. When it's removed there really is no trace at all and the dealer never suspected a thing over 2-3 service visits (I would inform your insurance though - it only made ~50 difference to my annual bill, so not too bad at all). If you do go down this route, probably best to wait until cold weather has passed as I remember spinning up the rears on numerous occasions at the top of 3rd gear in the 135i with JB3 (map 5/7).

Enjoy the car and cheers,

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