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Originally Posted by socal135 View Post
Have you driven both the 135i and 135is?

I'm very familiar with BMWs though and have driven just about every other BMW model except the 1 series. The 1 series fits my needs right now in terms of the kind of car I'm looking for though so as long as the reviews don't say it's bad, I know it will drive good.

I would of test drove it today but my local dealer kind of sucks and whenever I've gone in there before, I've had to wait 30 minutes before they finally put me in the car to test drive it. I don't even like normal test drives to begin with because I don't see how one can decide to buy a car after driving it for 10 minutes. I need at least 2 hours with the car. So after I read the reviews and everything is good there, I'll talk to the sales manager and ask to take one for an extended test drive solo. But until I'm convinced with the reviews, doesn't really make sense to set that up.