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Originally Posted by mb135is View Post
Honestly, MINIs are great, but I don't put that JCW roadster in the same conversation as a 135is 'vert. Go drive one - it might be all you're looking for, but I'm thinking if you were looking at Boxsters and 1ers, it probably won't be.
Why not? They're not too far apart in price. The JCW Roadster is $45K and the 135i convertible is $55K. Funny enough, the Boxster is $65K so they are all staggered by almost exactly $10K. I drove the JCW and liked it. I liked how direct the steering was and that it did feel a bit "raw." The interior ergonomics aren't wonderful though (stuff isn't directed towards the driver really) and I'm not sure how I'd take to the FWD. I THINK I would really like the car, but I can't say for sure until I did an extended test drive as I only had 10 minutes in one. Problem is that my dealer won't let me take a JCW for an extended drive because he said that all JCW buyers are really persnickety about how many miles are on a car they buy.

I think I'm going to get the Boxster if the financing pulls through. I'm putting 40% down, but my credit is mostly crap. The dealer is working on getting an approval now. If that doesn't work, it'll be down to the 135i or 135is convertible vs the JCW Roadster (already got approved by MINI FS for financing on a JCW). As long as the 135 doesn't feel heavy whenever I test drive it, I suspect I'll probably go with it over the JCW. The JCW is a fascinating car though and perhaps a tad more exciting and daring to me than the BMW, but that's only because I'm so familiar and used to BMW. It's like the girl you've known all your life but she got a new haircut and clothing style VS the mysterious girl next door that you've never hooked up with yet.