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Just had my 08 135 convertible in for its final in warranty service. There were so many things that needed to be addressed that I didn't even notice the giant crack in my third brake light. Sigh.

Had to fight with the dealer to get the spark plugs changed as part of the 3rd oil service, even though my service manual clearly states they are not tied to the CBS at all (SA initially claimed they didn't need to be changed until 100K). Have had ongoing battery problems since the car was brand-new from it sitting on the lot in Pennsylvania for 10 months without being driven or charged that have been blamed on my driving habits and remain unsettled. And had to deal with the squealing front brake issue again, which they thankfully did resolve with new pads and rotors.

Facing the prospect of a big bill for brake work, a labor intensive weekend changing plugs, and an impending need for a new $400+ battery, the 3rd brake light literally slipped through the cracks of my mind. As did the 12v outlet in the center console that hasn't functioned at all since the car was new. The service advisor was kind enough to tell me about the stress cracks in both rear rims, which are causing slow leaks in both rear tires and will require replacement in very short order.

The car is going back next week to get these unresolved issues addressed, along with the added bonus of having part of the wiring harness cut up to ensure it doesn't go from original recipe to extra crispy at some point. It will be the car's 17th trip to the dealer in the four years I've had it if memory serves.

Warranty issue or not, I have no qualms whatsoever about asking them to replace a part that has not only been previous replaced at least once on my car, but that stems from an issue that was obviously not resolved until recently, if at all. If past experience is any guide, I expect the conversation will be interesting to say the least...