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Originally Posted by ///Munson View Post
Blimey. Lots of info there. Thanks.

As far as the actual comfort goes, I think I know what to expect, as these look identical to the Recaro seats that I had in my Mk II Focus RS. I was rather hoping that the sub frames in this 1M fitment would lower them somewhat over the standard seats.
Okay, I've also got a set of these in my 1M and they are the best mod so far that I've fitted to the car. The seats which start life as Recaro CSs have two heights. They come from the factory at the highest setting which some people don't realise can be lowered. At the lowest they are more or less the same height as the OEM seats. I also had these in my RS 500, do you remember i had the 500 with the red leather Recaro CSs

I find them far more supportive and more comfortable especially on a longer journey where the OEMs started to hurt my back. They hold you in position in fast tight corners far better than the standard seats where you'll end up sitting in the passenger seat if you're unlucky The best part is they look fantastic especially stitched in Kyalami orange. I was lucky to have my made by Recaro in Stuttgart, Germany to the exact Performance spec but with this colour stitching.

My car originally had manual seats but its not a problem if you have electric already. The heating and airbags are all there still. You will need to code out your old seats and then code in the new but get BMW to do this. If you are in the Herts area my dealer has already done a few and I can get you a really good rate. If you want to see them in my car you are always welcome to come round and try but mine are still on the highest setting although my mate has his on the lower setting if you want to try his also.