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Originally Posted by chesterfan1230 View Post
I think you'd be happy with Koni's and a set of springs to go with it. Would cost you maybe 700-1k.

I'll give you a ride in my car one day, I have the HPA kit which is Koni's + Swift springs but the ability adjust height / dampening. I also set it once and forget about it.

It is stiff but I like it.
Since you're speaking from experience, I'll trust you on this! And that sounds awesome, I'd love to take a drive sometime soon. I don't really care about the adjust-ability of it since I really will set it and forget it.. but I don't want to look too slammed, and don't want to look too raked, but want the maximum performance that would still make sense for a street set up.

What do you think of eibach pro kit springs vs H&R OE Sport and Sport springs? The H&R super sports are just way too low, and H&R's in general look pretty raked, but they seem to be a little more capable than eibachs to me for some reason. If you don't know, it's all good though, anyone can chime in about that..

Originally Posted by twin fed View Post
I was in the same boat you were in. I have run race spec coilovers on a street car and loved the handling but hated the harsh ride. When it came time to do the suspension in my 135i I wamted something that would be comfortable but would be able to handle the added power that the car now has. I was pretty set on going with the KW V1's and almost pulled the trigger, but then I came across the KW Street Comfort series Coilovers. They are basically designed to keep the luxury feel of the BMW but perform like a coilover. They are adjustable for both height and dampening (unlike the V1's) so you can set the car to any hieght you want and adjust the firmness with the turn of a screw. I also opted for the Vorshlag Camber Plates as well for more adjustability with camber, but they are not necessary.
I have had them in for a week and so far I really like them. The feel is slightly firmer then stock but I have them dialed in about 2/3's tward firm. I took my wife for a ride for the first time since the install and she did not notice a difference, and she always commented on how smooth the car felt. Under acceleration the car feels more planted and the handling is definitely more stable. They are more expensive then the V1's but if you want the quality I guess you have to pay. I hope this helps. I will be posting pics when I get a chance.

That would be pretty awesome.. except I'm trying to spend less money here I don't really want to invest in something that costs even more than V2's to get something that's mushier And this is just for the street anyway, so it's unlikely I'd be able to take it to it's full potential anyway..

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