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Sad to see this thread just die...all that love and effort to restore these cars and then like a poof of smoke, Glassoman55 is gone...
Is there anyone else restoring 1Ms?
Did he close his shop?

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This bothers me also...what happens in 15-20 years when parts start drying up and the car can't be repaired as all the salvage cars are premium priced and BMW is no longer making 1M parts....
The good part is many mechanicals pair up with M3 products. Sheet metal might be a problem, though.
One of the things 1M haters always mention as a negative, which I'll summarize here as "not bespoke enough", has always been a positive for me. The majority of our engine is in a shit ton of BMWs. Our running gear is in a fairly large production run M3 series. A fair portion of our sheet metal and interior pieces are in the same generation 1 series sedans.

I don't want to jinx myself, but I I get a little bit of comfort over the fact I have some amount of control over the pieces which will likely be the rarest: the subset of sheet metal and interior that is exclusive to the 1M.
Well said. I don't worry about 1M parts. There are a bazillion N54 cars for "basic" things and a mazillion E9X M3s for the better mechanical stuff.

Bodywork is the only main thing and I think it won't be impossible. If you look at the 2002 Turbo for example it's so easy to get fenders for them mainly because so many 2002 owners have made "fake" 2002 Turbos. Sound familiar 135i owners??? LOL
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