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Originally Posted by JFT View Post
For me a novelty was the hill assist function that I never had in any of my cars before. When standing still uphill and release the brake the car remains stationary. Amazing!! I'm sure it's not 1M specific, but a very helpful little thing.

Also, having had my 1M for a month now, I have to say it's the car that has won my heart more than anything I've driven before. I come out of a 997RS and an F430 F1 Coupe, and whereas they may be faster, neither has given me the same joy. I was scared of the 997 RS and it wasn't practical in our climate and it spit me off the road more than once on track. The 430 was friendlier but I felt like an xxx driving it through the city and it was the worst depreciating purchase done by anyone I know. The 1M, on the other hand, is huge fun, won't cost me a penny (even if it wasn't a company car) and gives me more joy than both combined! We are very, very lucky to own them! )
Nice to know our 1M is better than a 997RS and F430 (they are (were) both in my list of dreamcars) !!