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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Some features I discovered only after the first days had passed:
  • [...]
  • activating the steering wheel lock already before getting out of the 1M: after having pushed the stop button, open the driver's door and then push the stop button again; subsequently you'll hear the typical "schlack" sound and the dashboard fully switches off; why practical? well, you can now pull at the locked steering wheel to ease yourself out of the car (oh lazy me)
For those who wouldn't know this gem yet: "pathway lighting" or "walk-me-home lights".

In an area with limited light: after having activated the steering wheel lock as described above (thus with the driver's door open), just before lazily pulling yourself out of the 1M via the locked steering wheel, activate the headlamp flasher with just one touch of the headlamp stalk: the low beams will be activated for the time that you had programmed (I believe that 40 seconds is the standard setting - set mine on 60 seconds during the first days, which is more than sufficient to leave the car, including removing luggage from the boot and/or behind the seats ...and to have a final approving 'Ciao Bella' glance at the 1M in the evening darkness ).

Excerpt from page 95 of the BMW 128i/135i Owner's Manual 2012 (USA) (supplied together with BMW 1M Supplementary Owner's Manual 2011 (USA)) (nota bene: both manuals are available at the manuals sticky
"Pathway lighting
If you activate the headlamp flasher after switching off the ignition with the lamps switched off, the low beams come on and remain on for a certain time.
Setting duration:
1. "Settings"
2. "Lighting"
3. "Pathway light"
4. Set the duration.
The setting is stored for the remote control currently in use."
...or with the words of 1addicts Maestro Dackel:
Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
when getting out of the car... with the driver's door open but the car switched off you can flick the high beams on for a second... and then the low beams will stay on for a few minutes. Whatever the time that you program into the BC or iDrive.
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