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Brother and I went out to the islands shortly AFTER the thunder storm that blew in from nowhere. Couldn't bring home a damn thing I caught!!!!!

Started with a smaller Bonita, those things have some wicked teeth!! Sliced him into the chum bag.

Next up was a 3' leopard shark. Made one brief attempt to remove the hook, then just cut the line.

On to another bat ray. We weren't anywhere near any kelp forests, what the heck are you doing cruising the mud flats at Chinese???

For the last, and I was SURE this was a nice fat halibut from the fact it had to tug it up from straight down under the boat, I hooked into about a 20lb black sea bass. No, I didn't keep it. We actually spent close to 5 minutes making sure he swam back away. We had to pull him back to the boat with a hook a few times, he started to swim then floated back up. My first blackie!