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Originally Posted by fe1rx View Post
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Bump is about 3" of 7. Really close to coil bind. I am looking for some 12" 2.25 spring. Only ones I have found are again from the UK.
Nice build thead Rallysmurf .

If you run into a coil bind issue, you may be able to disasemble the front struts and put a packer under the bump stop to have it engage a bit earlier and effectively reduce the total stroke by a bit.

Barry at 3DM Suspension has described the process to me for my Ohlins front struts, but I imagine the process is similar for any inverted strut, where the bump stop is hidden away.
Thanks, yeah the bump stop is rather small. Bilstein are 3x as long. Makes for a nice progression but I do t think I have room much inside without loosing total stroke.

I have had be that has a squeak in the spring I'll measure it when I take it off and see if I have room.

Excited to get it out on the country roads to do some real testing.

Looks like my brake hoses are long enough. I took them off the sway bar bracket and slid the grommets together to protect it from the strut. They do not touch but am going to put the GoPro under there to have a look when I start testing. I also am removing the sway bar.
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