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Very interesting project. I've been taking the traditional route to improve cooling by installing the PPK2 radiator/850w fan and the ER sport oil cooler. Oil temps have improved about 15 degrees but can still rise pretty quickly when driving hard. The last time I was under the hood, I noticed that there may be room to add ventilation to the back of the engine bay by drilling out some of the plastic on the back tray that the cabin filter bolts on. The rear hood seal slips onto a vertical support on the tray which is about 1-2 inches high. Seems like you could drill some ventilation holes in the vertical support with a small hole saw to let some of the heat pass under the seal. Probably not as good as raising the hood, but just a thought. Another crazy thought I've been have is... running cooling ducts to the turbos. Not sure if this would do much but I understand the failure rate of the rear turbo is significantly higher because of the lack of cooling.