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Originally Posted by Pig Farmer View Post
You're not kidding about being "red hot". Just installed a P3gauge which among other things lets you see the real time exhaust gas temps. On a single WOT run from 20 to 145 the EGT reach 1522F. It dropped pretty quick after the run and stayed around 1050F after a mile at 80mph. After 2 minutes of idling it fell below 700F. I don't think the EGTs are exactly the same as the turbos' sustained temps, but it goes to show you what kind of abuse they experience. And while some people will point out that the water pump continues to run and cool the turbos after you shut down, I agree it is best to let the engine idle for a minute or two before turning the car off.

When I had my car's DME flashed by Marcel from MS Tuning over here... one of the things he does is drive the car before and after and makes a data-log. One of the things he looks at is EGT (exhaust gas temps). You can check/monitor them with the BT scan tool. I think the highest we got up too was 690' C. That is about 1460' F. Of course having a fairly empty autobahn with no speed limits helps get the temps to peak levels!

In case you wanna see my flash tune write up here it is...

I've been running Marcel's tune for over a year now and I am a happy camper. Not one engine check light nor any hiccups. Just what I wanted, no fuss just go! And I don't have to worry about the engine melting after a hard autobahn run.