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Originally Posted by Pig Farmer View Post
Just thought of something really easy and cheap... Replace existing coolant with a 70/30 mix of demineralized water/coolant and add some water wetter to the mix. Probably good for a couple degrees for less than $50.
Very good idea, I've had this on my list to do before the next track day.
Originally Posted by pixelblue View Post
that's what I am running except with motul mocool mix. good for 10-15 deg. also run motul v-300 race oil. probably good for another 10-15
Any experience w/ the motul mocool mix vs. water and water wetter? Also what weight are you running w/ the v-300? I figure going to a 10-40 or even a 15-50 weight may help.
Originally Posted by Lubo View Post
March till November I ran pure water. Simple tap water that I've boiled the night before. I've added 2 bottles of Water Wetter for lubrication. Never hit limp mode again. November-March I ran the OEM fluid mixed as suggested.
Great to hear your experience, thanks.
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