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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Oh great... good luck to anyone trying to sell their N54 right now.
Well, yeah, there's that too.
But, we've seen that coming based on how much bashing, by actual owners, there has been on this enthusiastic site.

There's always good with the bad.
Or, careful what you wish for.

This is one of reasons why many of us lease.
The manufacturer decides what they think their car will be worth.
In this case BMW may reap what they sow.

Still, most people who loan purchase say they do it cause they want to keep their cars at least 5yrs and beyond. In that case, getting your HPFP fixed properly is a necessity, and this can help in that regard.
For me, I like to drive a new car every 3yrs, thus leasing makes more sense to me, but that's just me, as I know others see it differently.