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Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
Perhaps you should read his post.

OP, if I was you I would ditch the sunroof and nav. They add 80lbs to the car, 40 at the second worse place.

70hp isn't noticeable?
yeah it's good 'in theory' to want an NA i6, but the reality is a lot less impressive in comparison to even the new 4cyl turbos lol

ED: clarification: it's not 'smooth', up high revs it is, but stop start traffic it's unbelievably jerky below like 2000/2500rpm.

ohhh and sorry, i have the 265/270hp stock, there's not much you can go above that and even at a full 270ish it's JUST enough to be fun lol

and how the heck is nav 40lb? it' sjust a screen lol

i can agree with wanting hydraulic steering though

Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
Why the Performance Suspension and 225s all around? This car is primarily going to be a daily driver, so I want it to achieve a solid balance between sportiness and relative comfort. I'm just looking to take some of the body movement and slop out of the regular sports suspension. From everything I've read from other owners the Performance Suspension is a good fit for that description. It may be "pretty terrible" to you (though that seems like hyperbole) but I think it will fit my needs nicely and the warranty coverage is a nice plus. As for the wheels and tires, lightweight 18x8s and Michelin PSS tires all around represent a good middle ground and I believe they will offer sufficient grip for my config. My 335i could use a bit more front end grip, but it has a lot more weight and runflats, so I think the square config on a 128i will be an improvement.

If I've ruffled anyone's feathers with my opinions, please note that they are only *my* opinions and I only apply them to myself. I fully understand why people prefer the 135i and I'm sure there are people who love their F30s -- If I wanted a 135i or a new 335i, I'd get one, but I really admire the relative old school simplicity of the E82 and I want to get one before they're no longer available. Basically, I know my tastes and I'm finally building a car that matches them closely without going overboard.
it has a really high ride-height, it's too soft in 'bounciness' and really super stiff in the rear (go over a speed bump and the whole rear of the car bounces), body roll will still be completely there.. i don't see how it's hyperbole when it's what i drove on and hated for 25-30,000 miles - the difference in 8-8.5" is near nothing, and being able to comfortably fit 245's both front and rear (or even 235's, which you COULD do on an 8") is a HUGE step up over 225's

you'll really definitely find 225's aren't enough, even in the rear if you go the DISA intake and tune.. by all means, feel free to find out for yourself though.

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