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This isn't my first time at the rodeo. In addition to many other cars, I've owned an E30 M3, an E91 Wagon (230HP N52), an E85 Z4 Coupe (255HP N52), my current E92 (N55) and my current F30 (N20). I've also driven other BMWs, so I think I'm qualified to make my own choices.

To be clear, my preference for a naturally aspirated inline 6 is not theoretical; it's based on direct experience. I don't care if an N20 or N55 would be faster, more efficient or more tunable -- I simply don't like turbocharged engines as much as NA engines. It's really that simple.

As for smoothness, I can't speak to your experience with "jerky" behavior but the N52 is one of the smoothest engines I've ever driven from top to bottom, and I've driven dozens of cars over the years. I'll go one step further and say you won't find many people who would take issue with the characterization of a BMW inline 6 as smooth -- it's one of their long-standing hallmarks and it comes up in almost every review.

As for the Performance Suspension, I'll take my chances. I sought out a lot of advice and the feedback was consistently good even from people who have also run 3rd party suspension. My understanding is that the ride height is about 1" lower than stock and about 0.5" lower than the sport suspension, so I find it strange that you'd say it rides "really high." I'm not looking to slam my car or stuff the wheel wells with tires. And for you to say I'll "definitely" find that 225s aren't enough is pure conjecture. There's nothing definite about it. Again, hyperbole writ large.

Look, I've done my research and I've ordered my car. Maybe it's not the config you would have chosen, and that's fine, but what's the point of coming into this thread and trying to tell me that I'm wrong about everything I know and everything I like? You're obviously entitled to your opinions, but you should also try to respect those of others.

Drive and let drive, brother!

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