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Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
Seeing as most of my cars have been NA inline sixes, I'm way beyond theory. I'll take a linear power-band over a turbo hump any day of the week.

No sure if you are referring to the N52, but it is anything but jerky. It's one of the smoothest engines out there period. Headers alone are worth 20hp and provide gains across the entire hp and torque band. So you can easily go above your 270.

iDrive is 40lbs because it is a hell of a lot more than just a screen.

You seem like someone who always wants more power, will eventually ruin the car with excessive power for the platform, and then will be frustrated and unsure why you don't enjoy the car at which point you will sell it and move on.
yes my N52.. if you're in 1st or 2nd in traffic and let the revs drop, it will... how to describe.. 'jerk' a bit below 2000 just once. it happens on any high-compression motor in my experience though, regardless of cylinder configuration. - besides, there's no proof of headers giving a 20hp gain? i mean, logically they will, but there's no proof still

it's beautiful if you floor it all the way to 7000, absolutely perfect. just not stop start.

what else is idrive? a small module, a screen, some wires and harnesses :/ 40lb is more than most massive radio transmitters will weigh lol

no? :/... something like the older M3's... high 3xxhp N/A i6 screamer with basic mods and a tune, that would be ideal if you could get it in a modern BMW.. but no, best you can get is 265-270hp... i mean, i AM going pretty ridiculous 600-800 on the N54, but that's by the by. *because i can*/.. not sure why you'd think it wouldn't be enjoyable though

Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post

To be clear, my preference for a naturally aspirated inline 6 is not theoretical; it's based on direct experience. I don't care if an N20 or N55 would be faster, more efficient or more tunable -- I simply don't like turbocharged engines as much as NA engines. It's really that simple.
completely understandable! if i could, i would have even preferred to supercharge the N52 to keep the N/A character.. and stock it would be a fine amount of power if you wanted a daily driver to go from point a to b

Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
As for the Performance Suspension, I'll take my chances. I sought out a lot of advice and the feedback was consistently good even from people who have also run 3rd party suspension. My understanding is that the ride height is about 1" lower than stock and about 0.5" lower than the sport suspension, so I find it strange that you'd say it rides "really high." I'm not looking to slam my car or stuff the wheel wells with tires. And for you to say I'll "definitely" find that 225s aren't enough is pure conjecture. There's nothing definite about it. Again, hyperbole writ large.
the 225 tire thing.. umm... it's not conjecture at all, with 225 street tires, the front will give way at moderate speeds, it understeers spectacularly

and 265hp assuming you'll tune it, is enough to overwhelm 245's in the rear

and just like you said, this is from my (and many others if you read the 'tires' forum) experience

all i'm saying is you're spending a ton of money, and plan on spending a ton more when there are proven better options for similar or less money :/ (not neccessarily the tire thing, that's similar money lol)

and 1" lower than stock.. well stock isn't exactly 'low' so 1" lower is still pretty high :P

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