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Originally Posted by Papa13 View Post
Whats the best square setup on a e82 135?

Would 9.5's with 275's fit all around?
Our best fitting squared options for your car are the 18" 1-series specific wheels. We have a number of different options in that size that were specifically designed for the unusual fitment constraints of the 1 series chassis. There is also a 17" wheel that can be made to fit, but there will be compromises.

With camber plates and M3 arms, you can get our 17x8.5" ET40 wheel to fit up front. That can be used with either 245/40/17's or 255/40/17's. The back of the car will be a problem, but the front of the car will have some rubbing. Using the 17x8.5" ET40 even with a 245/40/17 in the rear will rub without fender rolling. This is due to the car having unusually high rear offsets (the stock 8.5" wheel has a 52mm offset). The 1-series racers run our 17x8.5" wheel with 255/40/17 square, but they were willing to mess with the rear fenders beyond just a simple roll.

Our 18" 1 series wheel is 18x8.5" ET45, which is an easier rear fitment in the rear due to being in 5mm more, but even at this offset rubbing can occur, so a rear fender roll is recommended. The 245/35/18 is the recommended tire size. A 245/40/18 is far too tall for the car and would cause tire rubbing on the fenders. The 255/35/18 tires can fit up front on the 8.5" ET45 wheel but a thin 5mm spacer may be needed in addition to camber plates being needed for all these listed fitments. 255/35/18 would be very aggressive on the rear at that offset, so messing with the fenders would definitely be needed.

The 265's in 17" cannot happen at all, and the 265's are already extremely rare to come in 17" diameter so they would also be very pricey. The 265/35/18 could only be run on our 9.5" ET62 or ET58 1 series rear wheels. Running the 9.5" rear wheel would create a stagger, which is not what you are looking for, and running the 9.5" wheel in the front is not possible due to the limitations of the car's fenders and suspension. Because of the limitations of the 1-series, using a 275/35/18 squared is out of the question without a widebody kit on the front.