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First Oil Change on my 128i Convertible

I passed 1200 miles, the old breakin period, on my trip to the tail of the dragon on Monday. I got over 1600 miles and was at 1650 when I changed. A little long, perhaps, but much earlier than BMW was going to pay for. The oil looked surprisingly dark but I don't think that means much. I'm enclosing some pictures. I made the small (640x480) but I think you will still see what is going on.

You need only a 17mm socket, 3 inch extension (might get by without it but it is easier to take off the drain plug with it), and a cap wrench for the oil filter housing (mine came from bavarian and has a 17mm hex head on it - it is also reasonably priced (I think it was $15).

The hardest part is getting the bimmer up in the air. I have ramps but not rubber mats to put them on so they slide around. So I used my floor jack and stands. Once it's up, remove the fill opening in the valve cover and then the drain plug. Mine was pretty tight, might have been painted on. While the oil is draining, you can remove the oil filter cap. It screws off. The housing will be full of oil so once you pull up on the filter housing cap, have something for the oilly filter to go into. Actually, I just raised it above the housing and let it drain down into there. It goes back down in the engine and out. At least most of the oil does. The new filter has two O rings, one goes up high in a groove (I have my leatherman micra under this O ring in one of the pictures) and the other is green, small, and goes at the bottom. The new filter just slides on and then you screw the housing cap on until the green marks line up (there is a picture for that too).

Oil comes out straight down in the N52 which I gather is not the case in the N54. Makes draining easier. I put in 6 quarts and checked the level and the system said it was full. So I did not add the seventh quart. It might not have drained as effectively because the rear end was not raised, so the car was at an angle. Next time I will try raising both.

Seven quarts pretty well filled my drain plan as you can see but it did not overflow. Overall, went well. I will jack it up using the front center jacking point next time. I used it to take the car off the stands and was surprised that I could get the floor jack out OK. I made a wooden piece to go into the jack so the metal does not tear up the platic jacking area of the bimmer.

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