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Originally Posted by kskpsu View Post
BMW may also be cautious regarding hp claims with variance due to climate hot temps. When you are drawing in extra air with turbos, the extra ooomph with cool, dense air is very noticeable. Flogging your car at 60 F vs 95 F feels very different on the butt dyno. There is likely a standard utilized in the industry that I am ignorant too, but forced induction likely creates a broader range.
Yes, but then in the case of NA engines shouldn't they specify the altitude that hp/tq figures are achieved and will be available also? If NA output figures are always default sea level this means that in most part of the globe those cars regularly run with lower output vs advertised numbers.

Just to clarify, in my case the altitude was like 500 m. above sea level, not too high to make a serious difference, which shouldn't contribute anything more than a single hp or two to the 29-30 whp difference between a M3 and 1M on the same dyno.

I think the predominant reason for the manufacturer is always to position the car vs its other brand competitors plus also to rank it vs other inhouse relevant models, so they "round" and "polish" everything a bit, as long as it fits the purpose. Who is gonna prove it otherwise and if they do there will always be scientific justifications (read "conditions")
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