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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
You know that even aa's tune for example sets max lift? It helps with response as well as flow

They only adjust for efficiency, not for wear compensation

Higher limit would increase wear like that if you held it on the limiter sure..
It's certainly true that raising the limiter won't hurt anything if you don't rev it out, but what's the point of raising it if you're not going to run the engine there?

Increased redline increases bearing wear across the board (biggest issue), cam/follower wear, heat generated, and can float valves depending on if the springs/valves can handle the increased revs.

Valve floating you'll find out about pretty quickly, so if they're good for 7400 then you're fine there.

Bearings, however, wear out faster at higher RPM. The question is how fast are they wearing stock, and how fast at higher RPM. Generally manufacturers set redlines where they think wear is acceptable for engine life. Increasing it will shorten rebuild interval. Up to you to decide where your sweet spot is.

Extra heat generated would scare me a bit in an alu/mag engine.