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Originally Posted by TheSt|G
Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
You can easy find the front and rear setup <1k second hand off these forums even.. All you need to fit rear (i think) are new handbrake lines or something.. More pistons usually means more equal braking force application at the very least

As far as i'm aware the bmwp kit which is brembo only falls down with smaller rotor size (heat holding capability), and the fact the drilled rotors crack easily.

I mean, using your own logic.. Bmwp kit + better pads is still better than oem+pads lol

So $1500 for used bmwp kit with uprated pads vs at least 5k for something proper high end
Factory Brembo, like the stock 135i brakes or the BMW PBK having nothing to do with actual Brembo BBKs. It's purely a marketing stamp.

And yes, I would agree the BMW PBK+better pads would be better than OEM(aside from the cracked pistons/melted rings as it is just the 135i kit), but not from a dollar to upgrade ratio.

BMW PBK is ~$1900, better pads are $200-$400, bringing your total to $2100-$2300.

A real StopTech BBK which would provide a substantial performance increase over the aforementioned setup would be $3200.

The numbers just aren't there to justify the half assed BMW PBK.
Hm? It not just marketing ecause there is NO brembo stamp, you actually have to research it to find theyre made by brembo an branded bmwp

$3200 link? The 130i one for me is 5.5k total

Like i said, just get 2nd hand 135i brakes for $1000, new pads etc and you're set unless you want a MAJOR upgrade

Ed starts at 3k front only

I personally would love to try eitherthe 13 or 14" ksport procomp

Heaps of jap car owners on google saying ksport is pretty solid value for money, takes all aftermarket pads and discs too