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Originally Posted by eeghie View Post
Yes, here we go, Mirror memory in Keyfob is stored in FRM (a module we all have), however this module will only be able to set the mirror if you have an advanced mirror version (in case of the US 1M this only comes with the premium package, this advanced mirror version is connected with a so called LIN bus/cable. The stripper mirror can only be heated).

The good news is that with a retrofit of these advanced mirrors you can get folding, dimming, keyfob memory and curb monitor all at once. This certainly the route I want to go.

One note on the curb monitor, I'm reading that many users consider it not helpful because the tilting is not far enough down to see the curb. For this an additional (not so standard) coding is possible. (see the BMW coding website for details)
I have a fully optioned 1M, the mirror does indeed move far enough to see the curb. I can line up my rear wheel nicely with it.