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Originally Posted by 011100001 View Post
OMG, I guess I have no idea of what "good" should sound like. My Berk Axle back sucks donkey ball$. It's the worst sounding exhaust I've ever owned; it's not their fault though I should have done more research prior to buying their race exhaust. My car is a DD so the drone is stupid ridiculous, the rest of the exhaust is stock so this also might have something to do with it. I recently purchased cat-less DP's in hopes that the note will get deeper and I'm currently planning to modify my MP as well. If anyone wants to trade, please let me know because the way I feel right now, I'm almost willing to pay someone to take this sh1t! Sorry for the rant, I just have to listen to it everyday and I don't want to see my money go down the drain so I'm gonna learn to like it!
This post is a perfect example as to why someone should hear what they are considering in person before buying....most people love it (including me) and this person hates it!