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Sorry, I didn't know so many people replied to my thread.

I think it is being an issue of whether you get the incentives only when it is available or when your car is delivered to you.

My SA, Ian Martin told me the delivery have to be completed by June 1st in order to qualify for the cash incentive. However my best interest was getting the newest car and no one drove them, so of course I wanted to factory order my car with all the customized option.
But per SA, if I do that I will not be eligible for the cash incentive with the program that was going on.

With the conflict in the interest, because SA wanted to sell the car ASAP. He indicated that the car which is pretty close to what I wanted is in Edmonton and he can deliver it to Calgary.

Since options were almost what I wanted and the colour matches my want, I've decided to go for it, if it doesn't have many km on it.
SA told me the car has 90km and will have to add 1 or 2km on top of it in order to deliver.
Because I was sensitive about the mileage, I've asked to keep it under 92 or 93 as SA promised.

The car arrived and the car had 100km around 8km higher than promised.
I wasn't mad but little disappointed that SA didn't keep his promise to me.
But it was ok, because the car was dazzling and I think it calmed my anger.

I've noticed few scratches on the hood and one big one on the side of the hood.
I've asked SA if he can do anything about it, and he only said it is really hard to deliver the car in factory ordered condition which I think possible if you do FACTORY ORDER.

Few days later after picking up the car, one of my forum friend told me, I could actually factory order and still be eligible for the best incentive between the deal and the delivery.
Which means if I factory ordered I could have satisfied my wish of getting the brand new car and be entitle for any better incentives coming up in time between the signing a contract and the delivery.

I previously had a car and I assured him that I didn't really need to get it right now if I can. But it looks like he deceived the program that was going on and induced me into the deal, because I confirmed this with BMW Gallery and this was true.
Clearly Ian Martin would have known that I could have factory ordered and still got the incentive.

I complained to him, however all he said was "HAVE A GOOD TIME WITH YOUR NEW CAR"
without any compensation of being lied to.

I think it is late to write all this rant in the middle of day, however I thought the unfair dealer should be known to people so buyers benefit from avoiding a such SA.

During the dealing, it was so touch to get a deal, when other BMW gallery people just give out 5.5% off from MSRP. I think I've got about 5% after 3days of dealing.

I guess I learned my lesson and never trust the dealer.

Do not go to Calgary BMW and specially Ian Martin!

If you have any concern please PM me.