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Damn, that sucks. I think my salesperson (Kara) at Calgary BMW told me that you get the best rate from when you order until you get it (ie. if the rate drops, you get the low rate), and that your current rate and any incentives (if the rate jumps) are guaranteed for a few months. I didn't get a lot off of MSRP, but that is okay, I hope she gets the money from it.

The scratches are a pain too - if they were bad enough that you think they would charge you for them if it was a lease return, I wouldn't have been pissed.

That said, I've had good things with Calgary BMW when I was shopping 3 years ago, and a great experience this time. But BMW Gallery has always been a bit of a pain to me with test driving and things like that. Don't know why. Not that it matters too much - they have the same owner so is it is more the salesperson you talk to more than the dealership.