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Originally Posted by sparoz View Post
Because you are missing the point of the OP. He wants and answer, and he's not getting an answer. The question specifically is relating to HiFi Professional without the iDrive, and he's still not getting an answer from the dealer. No one is confused about what product he's ordered. Just that no one is able to give him an answer.
This argument is way past the expiration date... my point is that option code 677 is a worldwide BMW code so 677 = Top HiFi = HiFi Professional (Australia promotional name) = surround features. Therefore there should not be any confusion about surround features, regardless of iDrive and regardless of how BMW Australia name it.

Even if I was confused initially with your localized nomenclature for Top HiFi, it is still option 677, the same option code here in the USA, in Europe and in Asia. Why this dealer was confused and cannot offer an answer to the OP if they used 677 in their ordering guide is what I wonder.

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