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It wasn't several months, and I'm not sure where you are coming up with this. As a M2 buyer who waited one year to get his at sticker, I can tell you, supply did not catch up with demand until late 2017/early 2018 - for a car that started production in early 2016.

hop over to the M2 board and spend some time there.
In the NYC area there have been no issues with M2 supply for a significant amount of least over a year. I've seen it myself, in person, at multiple dealers. I feel the M2C will be the same. constricted supply in the beginning; oversupply with discounts towards the end. Typical life cycle for most M cars, actually...
Look, I'll be straight with you, you are wrong. That was not the case. Any car "sitting around" had $10k with of CF add ons and a nice mark up.

Head on over to the M2 board and post your belief there. Will be interesting to see what real owners have to say. I suspect most will find your post humorous. Go for it. Dare ya
(A) I am absolutely correct in what I've seen and (B) I don't care enough about the M2 to visit the M2 forum *shrugs*
don't read this. too late...
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